Name: BJ Blew Benjis Sr. 

Age: 18

Occupation: "Can you put 'other?' Put 'other.' I'm different, I'm not like the rest of these people." 

Lives in: "Oh, I'm straight out that North, but I stay on the Westside now."

Favorite thing about Jacksonville: "I like the weather because I like the sun."

BJ's story: "My favorite memory? I'm going to say the most recent one -- Grad Bash. We went to Universal. It was nerve-wracking because I got a last minute fit, but I was still clean. I know how to sauce it up."

"We got on a whole bunch of rides. Talked to a bunch of people, took pictures with strangers. Then they had this concert. We were just turnt. It felt good."

"If they was looking at us [sic], we'd take a picture with them. People came up to us and wanted to take pictures ... everybody was just cool. There were a whole bunch of people our age, so it was just a vibe."

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