Name: Zachary Moore

Age: 46

Occupation: Director of Entertainment at the Clay County Fair

Lives in: Lake Asbury, went to Lakeside Junior High School and graduated from Orange Park High School

Favorite thing about the First Coast: The community of Green Cove Springs "because it's such a small community and it brings everybody together ... you still have this small town feel, but then you can zip down to Fleming Island and you're in a city that has a lot of things to do."

"My favorite part about being a Lakeside Gator is that my daughter is going to be a Lakeside Gator, so living and growing up in the same community and watching my kids go through the same schools is really what amps me up -- watching them get to do the same things that I got to do. I didn't really get that as a child, we moved around a lot. Now that I'm kind of stationary with my family, it's really cool seeing them grow up and grow up with life-long friends.

There was a guidance counselor at Lakeside Junior High, his name was Bill Taylor. He was a really cool guy. He was able to help me through some problems as a child. When I went from Lakeside to Orange Park, he kind of traveled with me. He got transferred to that school, so he was there my whole career. He was just somebody that I could lean on the whole time.

He was an 'easy-roll' guy. 'Just roll with it and things will come back together,' he'd say. 'Don't let the stress take over your life.' I've kind of lived that life since then.

I was talking to some people about him the other day. I hope he's still with us. I'd like to contact him at some point, just to say 'Hello.'"

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