Name: Jonathan Sanders

Age: 35

Occupation: Store manager at Coliseum of Comics

Lives in: Riverside

Favorite thing about his community: "It's like one big giant family. People help each other out. If someone's looking for something, you know, we got your back."

Jonathan's story: "I was collecting comic cards before I was even reading comics ... I got into reading comics in middle school. My older brother was a big Spider-Man fan and I was a big X-men fan. Then I became the Spider-Man fan and he's my favorite. [Spider-Man] is just a kid, he's normal like us. He's just trying to live his life. Sometimes he can't pay rent, yet he uses the power he has to go out and save people, too. That's dedication, you know? It just gets to me." 

"A high school teacher [Mr. Waters] that passed away a few years ago really stuck with me and helped me. He was my AP history teacher ... he was a great man. He really helped me become a better person."

He knew I was having issues at home and stuff. Sometimes I might have fallen asleep in his class and he would actually tell the other students to leave me alone and let me rest because he knew I needed it."

"My mom and stepdad got divorced but before that, there was a lot of fighting. Then my mom had boyfriends after that who were not that great and coming over to the house and drinking."

"A few years after graduation, we had this bigger dinner at [Mr. Waters'] house. A lot of the students got together again and got to see him one last time down at the beaches. When we found out about him passing away, we all went to the funeral, so that was really nice to catch up and remember him."

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