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More video released showing Camden County inmate beaten by correction officers

In the third video, Jarrett Hobbs can be heard screaming while COs were pummeling him.

CAMDEN COUNTY, Ga. — New video was released to the public, showing another angle of the Camden County inmate beaten by correctional officers. This time, there is audio included and one can hear 41-year-old Jarrett Hobbs scream in agony. One of the correctional officers can be heard saying "stop resisting." In the video, Hobbs can be seen getting kneed multiple times. The video was released to the public on Wednesday by his attorneys. The attack was moved outside of Hobbs' cell. 

Civil rights attorneys said the 41-year-old suffered: a chipped tooth, swelling and one of his locs was ripped from his head. After the beating, they said Hobbs was put in confinement for another two weeks. The lawyers said Hobbs was allegedly beating on the and being disruptive.

A loud banging noise can be heard in the video before a group of correction officers walk towards the cell. Attorneys Bakari Sellers and Harry Daniels held a news conference in front of the Camden County Courthouse, which is also a short walk from the Sheriff's Office. 

"When you look at the video the first people will say is 'What did he do?' not 'Why did they beat his ass?' There is absolutely no reasoning, no justification, no cause, no debatable issue, no legal justification to go into that cell with a man sitting there and pummel him," Attorney Bakari Sellers said.  

Sheriff Jim Proctor launched an internal investigation on Monday. That's 10 weeks after the incident happened. Attorneys said Hobbs made a complaint immediately. They want to know what took so long. Harry Daniels said the officers and the jail administration needs to be held accountable. 

"We're asking everyone with some resemblance of authority in the great state of Georgia to do something," Sellers added. 

The beating happened September 3, 2022. Hobbs was arrested for: speeding, driving with a suspended/revoked license and possessing a controlled substance. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is also looking into the officers actions. First Coast News was not given an update on the status of the officers. At last check, no charges were filed on the people who were involved in the video. Hobbs' sisters were in attendance at the news conference, Wednesday. Justice to Taylor Wood is seeing the CO's fired, arrested and convicted. 

"I want them behind bars and roles to be reversed," Wood said. 

As for Hobbs, he is back home in North Carolina where he has since bonded out. His attorney says he's in counseling. They said his physical wounds have healed but he's struggling mentally since the incident.  

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