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First Coast Foodies gas station edition: Fuel your car and sugar rush at Gate

What's your favorite thing to get at Gate? Hot or cold with coffee or soft serve, this homegrown store is ready to fuel your caffeine or sugar rush.


Good Morning Jacksonville may start at 4:30 a.m. on weekdays, but it's never too early to scream for ice cream. 

On this stop for First Coast Foodies gas station edition, we're going to a place you can cool down with some soft serve or warm up with a cup of joe. We're checking out Gate!

Fuel up your car and fuel that sugar rush, starting with some soft serve.

"For a snack or any time of day, whatever floats your boat," said Eden Sutherland, director of marketing for Gate Petroleum. "I love Sweet Freez. I really love our fresh baked cookies."

Sutherland says strawberry and taro are very popular flavors for Sweet Freez.

"We have some exciting options like salted caramel," she said. "We have a banana cream pie. We've got fresh fruit, crushed up Oreos, M&Ms, hot fudge, hot caramel, all that good stuff."

Load up the soft serve then kill the brain freeze with Best Bean Coffee, which they say is... You guessed it: the best.

"You know those beans have just been ground fresh," said Sutherland. "You're watching it happen. I have a friend who, when I first started working for Gate, she said, 'My dad goes every Thanksgiving because he gets his coffee at Gate every morning and even on Thanksgiving on the holiday he still wants to come to Gate and get his coffee.'"

After the morning coffee, no matter what kind of cheesy you're feeling, Gate has got you covered. Sutherland says breakfast burritos are extremely popular in the mornings. Then get cheesy with a cheeseburger, pizza, or empanada.

"We partner with Azar, it's a local sausage company," said Sutherland. "Gate is local and homegrown. Gate was founded here in Jacksonville just over 60 years ago, started with a single gas station on Moncrief Road."

Fueling you and your car for over 60 years, Gate will have you saying the same thing as an employee we got video of biting into a crunchy empanada: "Mmm!"

Find a Gate Fresh Kitchen near you here.

It's never too early to scream for ice cream🍦!

It's never too early to scream for ice cream🍦! That's what we're doing tommorrow on First Coast Foodies!! Turn on Good Morning Jacksonville First Coast News to see us stuff our faces on live TV with all the fun GATE Stores foods.

Posted by Renata Di Gregorio News on Wednesday, February 15, 2023

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