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First Coast Foodies gas station edition kicks off with 'pilgrimage' to Buc-ee's!

First Coast Foodies puts on a Buc-ee costume and takes you on the road for this never-before-eaten edition!

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — This Friday, First Coast Foodies kicks off a never-before-eaten edition! It turns out people are crazy for gas station and convenience store food... So welcome to the First Coast Foodies gas station edition.

"Fresh brisket on the board!" is something you'll most likely hear any time you enter a Buc-ee's. It's been called the go-to of any road trip and it's been said a "pilgrimage" to Buc-ee's makes the trip. 

There's a Buc-ee's on World Commerce Parkway in St. Johns County and Gateway North Drive in Daytona Beach, but you're sure to run into even more in Texas.

Buc-ee's has been described as much more than a gas station and convenience store. A beaver beacon in a sea of roads, a brisket oasis among the asphalt... No matter how you describe Buc-ee's, if you're part of the devoted following you likely have some favorites.

Brisket, pulled pork, beaver nuggets, kolaches, over a dozen flavors of jerky, roasted nuts, and fudge are just some of the foods (and walls of them) Buc-ee's is known for. That's not even including the entire grocery store section where you'll find labels with your favorite beaver on anything from peanut butter to potato chips. And then there's a shopping section where you'll find trinkets you never even knew you needed.

"My favorite thing is the chopped brisket sandwich," said Josh Smith, director of operations, southeast. "We have our Texas round-up and that's one of those things that's kind of one of those center points. It's an attraction, it's a show."

In the Texas round-up, employees in yellow cowboy hats chop up delicious meats in front of hungry customers. On the other side of that wall, roasted nuts are made near a big case of fudge.

The jerky wall is an attraction, as is the long case with jerky and kolaches.

"I had a young kid this morning tell me that all he asked for was for money for Christmas so he could come to Buc-ee's," Smith said.

A Buc-ee's between San Antonio and Austin is the largest convenience store in the world, according to their website.

"It doesn't matter who you are in the car, you're gonna find something that you like," Smith said.

The Buc-ee's closest to you is waiting for you to drive in and take a bite! You can also hang out with Buc-ee the Beaver or get a Buc-ee costume like First Coast Foodies.

First Coast Foodies new edition starts Friday at Buc-ee's!

So it turns out people are crazy about gas station food... Okay, we're game at First Coast Foodies! Kicking off this February foodies edition on Friday - we'll be LIVE! Turn on Good Morning Jacksonville on First Coast News starting at 5am

Posted by Renata Di Gregorio News on Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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