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First Coast Foodies gas station edition: Grab a hoagie and take your vows at Wawa!

Fall in love with (or at) Wawa! Your partner doesn't 'get' you like a Wawa hoagie does.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Hey Foodies! For the final installment of First Coast Foodies: gas station and convenience store edition, we're going to Wawa!

Grab a hoagie and a beverage and maybe say your vows too...

"It's crazy, the Wawa cult following is just amazing," said Wawa Area Manager Stephanie Andrews. "We have people that get married in our stores."

Wawa's communications department shared pictures with First Coast News of two couples in their white dresses and tuxedos in Wawa! They weren't in Jacksonville, though.

Fall in love with Wawa. Your partner doesn't 'get' you like a Wawa hoagie does.

"Hoagies and beverage is our thing," said Andrews. "My favorite would have to be the Italian. It's kind of the classic there and I like to pair it with a vanilla latte."

You're gonna like this a latte... Try one of Wawa's new rechargers.

"They're a super natural caffeine energy kick for you," Andrews said. "They come frozen or iced. "

First Coast Foodies got blue raspberry dragon fruit lemonade.

"We have mac and cheese, which is great," Andrews said. "We have brisket now, which is fantastic. You can pair mac and cheese and brisket. So who doesn't love that?"

When you see the goose, you know it's time for your taste buds to feel the love.

"People get engaged in our stores," Andrews said, "It's not uncommon for customers to bring our associates Christmas presents and for our customers, our associates to have Christmas presents for our customers."

It's always that Christmas morning feeling at Wawa. Their gift to you is also free air for your tires.

Find a Wawa near you and check out their food menu here.

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