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Westside resident shares frustration about delay in yard trash pickup

Peter Jansson lives in Hyde grove acres and says the trash has been sitting for weeks.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — Residents on Jacksonville's Westside say it's been weeks since their yard trash has been picked up.

One man says that it’s causing frustration and inconvenience for some folks in the Hyde Grove Acres neighborhoods.

“It’s starting to kill people’s grass and it’s stacking up. I’ve got yard I want to do but I don’t have any place to put it," said Peter Jansson, who lives in Hyde Grove Acres. 

Jansson says the trash has been sitting for weeks. 

“We had a storm come through here a little over a week and a half ago and I know that filled up my cans and now I’m down to no household trash cans,” said Jansson. 

Jansson says he has lived in this neighborhood for over two decades and yard trash pickup has never been a problem until this year.

“Each week I've reached out to the city the first time they told me to just leave my trash on the street and I call back and it’s missed and then I hear just be patient," said Jansson. 

Councilman Garrett Dennis says he hears the complaints from the community and the city is working on it.

“I do want to encourage citizens to call 630-city and call their councilmembers because we have a contract with the haulers and we have to hold them responsible," said Dennis.

“Regardless of staff issues that’s something that the haulers need to work out but we need to meet the concerns of the city and needs of the citizens these are taxpayer dollars," said Dennis. 

Waste Management who takes care of this area told First Coast News there is a nationwide labor shortage which is why this neighborhood trash pickup is delayed.


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