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Six tips before you hire a contractor to repair or replace your roof

We get a lot of emails in the "Ask Anthony" inbox about roof repairs and sloppy work. Anthony Austin has some advice for you.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Jacksonville family is dealing with a leaky roof and a contractor who won't return their calls, so they contacted the "Ask Anthony" team for help. 

"He said he wasn't going to come back out. It wasn't his problem," Saundra Mobley said. 

Saundra Mobley says her mother hired a roofer to make repairs at their home more than a year ago. But, when the first rain came, those repairs didn't hold up. Mobley says the roofer is not taking responsibility. 

"It's just been a headache. Every time it rains, it rains in the house and we're mopping the floors. The harder the rain outside, the harder it rains inside. He won't come back out. He doesn't respond to our phone calls. My mother has even tried reaching out to him. Nothing," Mobley added. 

We get a lot of emails in the "Ask Anthony" inbox about roof repairs and sloppy work.  Here's six tips from the Better Business Bureau for hiring a roofer:

Make sure you understand the full scope of the project.  What exactly is the roofer going to do? Will they be doing spot repairs or replacing the whole roof?

Ask about clean-up and waste removal.  Confirm that your contractor will be responsible for taking away all old materials and cleaning up your site after their work is complete. 

Consider your gutters and landscaping.  A roofing job will require ladders that can cause damage.  How will your roofer protect against damage or fix things after the job?

Plan for bad weather.  What happens if there is bad weather while your roof is being prepared?  Ask your roofer what they will do to protect your home. 

Check insurance coverage.  Check your contractor insurance's coverage for workers' compensation, property damage and personal liability. 

Different contractors for different roofing systems.  Is your contractor the right person for the job? Roofers may be certified to install specific types of roofs.  You can check with the manufacturer to see if your contractor is certified for their system. 

If you feel you're the victim of a bad roof job, you can file a complaint with your state's licensing board and the Better Business Bureau.  You can also consider civil litigation against the contractor.  Be sure you have photos and document everything. 

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