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Investigation: Why do 2 officers on the Brady List continue to work in Jacksonville?

Law enforcement employees who've been arrested or can’t be trusted are on the Brady List. Every Jacksonville officer on the list has quit or been fired, except 2.

Anne Schindler

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Published: 3:52 PM EST February 17, 2022
Updated: 10:40 AM EST February 18, 2022

The list is 76 names long, names of law enforcement employees in Duval, Clay and Nassau county who’ve shown bias, been charged with crimes or are considered dishonest.

They're on the list because they could be a liability if called to testify in a criminal case. Some have been arrested for DUI or domestic violence. Others tampered with evidence, were accused of lewd acts or even smuggled drugs into jail.

Most of the officers are long gone, having quit or been fired.

But two Jacksonville Sheriff's Officers remain on the list -- and on the job.

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