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UFO looking cloud spotted in the sky over Turkey, what was it?

Images out of Bursa, Turkey have been going Viral depicting a very interesting looking cloud

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Residents of Bursa, Turkey were treated to a very interesting and unusual site in their morning sky. At first glance it looks like a UFO flying saucer looking object slowly drifting over the morning rush hour in the city. 

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Credit: WTLV

This type of cloud is what we call a lenticular cloud.

What causes it? 

This type of cloud forms as air flows over a mountain causing it to rise and condense. yet on the downslope side of the mountain waves start to form in the air flow creating regions of stable and unstable air in the troughs and ridges. 

At the ridges of these waves the air condenses and forms clouds while at the trough it evaporates thus creating these lens shaped clouds.


What can it produce?

As far as any form of precipitation these clouds are nothing to worry about. Yet if you are in the air like an airplane they are an indicator of severe and dangerous turbulence and should be avoided at all cost. 

Can we see this in Florida?

No, they form thanks to mountains or a sudden lift in elevation. Florida's relatively flat landscape is not conducive for these type of clouds. Yet we do get other unique features seen here.  

Visit here to see a unique cloud that was spotted over the NAS Jacksonville Airshow. 

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