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Lightning strike hits home in Fernandina Beach

A family caught the moment a lightning strike hit their neighbors home, causing a fire.

FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. — One of the most dangerous impacts from a thunderstorm is lightning. A neighborhood in Fernandina Beach Saturday found this out firsthand when Vincent Tyler captured this lightning strike out his bedroom window while watching the storm.

"I decided to have my phone out the window to get that clear audio, then there was the big bang or like a loud boom and it was so close to where I felt the shock wave," Tyler told First Coast News.

Thunder travels over 1,000 feet per second and thus the quick boom in the video shows how close it is. Furthermore, the temperature of lightning is hotter than the surface of the sun at 50,000 degrees. Temperatures that hot even if impacted for a second can start a fire which as we can see in the video took place.

 “After the lightning struck on the video you can see there was smoke and flames coming up from the room," Vincent's mother Shameika Tyler said.  She also said that there was extensive damage inside of her neighbors home from the lightning strike, but thankfully no one was injured.   

What is also noticeable in this video is the fact there is no rain and the weather seems somewhat calm when the strike took place. Thankfully no one was hurt in this instance, but it does show how dangerous lightning can be and why we always say: when thunder roars, head in doors.

First Coast News also spoke with the home owner, who wanted to be referred only by his first name, Brandon.

He says that he was in the kitchen with his girlfriend and child at the time the incident happened. The inside of the house lit up and he heard a bang and felt vibrations, Brandon said.

He said that light sockets blew off in several places and his internet and house alarm system burnt out. He also said that there is no power in the house, so he is not currently able to live there.

There is also a hole in the roof where the lightning struck.

Luckily, Brandon and his family are okay.

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