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Average Guy Does Olympics: Lew tries javelin

If you wanted to live in prehistoric times, you had better be good with a spear ... or know someone who is. That's basically where the javelin was born.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Perhaps the most technical of the track and field events is the javelin throw.

It's tough to really get a perspective of how far Olympians are throwing the javelin, because crews have to move the camera to actually follow along where the spear goes. 

The panning and tilting of a camera can actually cause the viewer to lose spatial awareness. So, when you hear an athlete threw the javelin 98.48 meters as the world record, that distance may not immediately register in your mind.

That's why we're going to have the average guy try the javelin. 

After some quick coaching from Creekside legend Ricky Fields (click here to check out his track and field club: The Striders), Lew Turner gave the sport a try. 

In short: It's hard. 

"Javelin is extremely technical," Coach Fields said. "It's the most technical, I think."

Turner tossed the javelin gingerly to a distance of 19 meters -- roughly 60 feet -- or 20 yards if a football field is an easier reference point. 

Keep in mind, the best in the world at the Olympics will be throwing the javelin more than the length of an entire football field, from one end zone well into the next.

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It was once tweeted by legendary actor and comedian Bill Murray that every Olympics event should include one average person for reference.

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