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'He's a keeper' | Breast cancer survivor puts the spotlight on her hubby

Jamie Manning knows how important her husband's support is. She battled breast cancer with him by her side.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — First Coast News had planned to interview Jamie about her breast cancer journey during a Zoom interview, but you know how it can go. 

The audio was cutting in and out. That was the first attempt.

On the second attempt, Jamie sounded as if she were talking from Mars. But it pushed us to a better situation.

Jamie said she could try again in her car. And, finally, we had a connection.

The bonus? We got to meet her husband, Tony. 

He was driving her to a steak dinner, and he joined in the interview to say right away: "I couldn't be more happy. I couldn't imagine life without her."

They've been married almost 19 years, and she's now a breast cancer survivor.

The two met at First Coast High in Jacksonville. 

"He was the quiet jock," Jamie says with a smile.

Credit: Jamie and Tony Manning

Years later, when Jamie was 36, she was doing Buddy Check and found her own breast cancer. "I was taking a shower, and I noticed the lump in my right breast." She says it felt hard, like a walnut.

Turns out it was an especially aggressive cancer, triple negative, and so thank goodness Jamie did Buddy Check. 

"I've done it for years," she says. "I grew up watching Channel 12."

Now she is grateful to her medical team and to Buddy Check.  As a mom of three children, she says, "I don't think they could make it without me."

As for Tony, Jamie says, "he's a keeper."

Tony says almost every morning he tells her she's "beautiful."   His support now and during her breast cancer fight are proof why men are critical in the support process. 

Jamie says: "My advice to everyone is to do that self exam." 

You can get a free Buddy Check kit in the mail. Just call Baptist Health at 904-202-CARE. Baptist and First Coast News have been partners in Buddy Check for almost 30 years.

Credit: Jamie, powering through her breast cancer journey

Buddy Check's Jeannie Blaylock would love to hear from you, if Buddy Check helped you find your breast cancer.

Her email is:  jblaylock@firstcoastnews.com

Buddy Check has saved thousands of lives by helping women focus on early detection through self exams, mammograms, and a doctor's exams. 

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