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Homeowners re-file lawsuit against Westside chemical factory citing “vile, sickening odors”

The new class action odor lawsuit was filed in state court after a federal judge threw out a similar filing saying the court had no jurisdiction.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — (The video above is from a previous story) 

Several Murray Hill homeowners have re-filed a lawsuit against a Westside chemical plant they blame for odors that they claim are destroying their quality of life and damaging their property values.

The plaintiffs’ original class action lawsuit against IFF Chemical Holdings Inc. was tossed out by a federal judge last summer after he determined the court did not have jurisdiction, as the plaintiffs and the company were all Florida citizens.

The new filing makes similar claims, saying the fragrance factory’s processes emit a “sickly sweet turpentine smell” that floats into surrounding neighborhoods and lasts for three hours at a time.

The company has not yet filed a response in court but has previously has denied being the source of the odors.

The City of Jacksonville recently installed odor sensors around town in an attempt to verify the source of the awful smells. The odor has been the subject of hundreds of complaints, according to the city.

The new lawsuit says plaintiffs are seeking “well in excess of $30,000.”

IFF Spokesperson Michael Munz sent a statement to First Coast News Wednesday afternoon regarding the lawsuit.

“We are aware of a new lawsuit filed against IFF by residents of the Murray Hill area. This lawsuit is nearly identical to an earlier lawsuit dismissed by the Federal District Court in July 2021. IFF intends to vigorously defend itself against these claims, just as it did for the earlier lawsuit.”  

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