When Josh Allen arrived on UK's campus as a freshman he was a 2-star prospect just scraping the surface of his potential.

Four years later, he is one of the most talked about defensive players in college football. He's the new all-time Kentucky sacks leader, a unanimous first-team All-American selection and he's won every defensive and linebacker award possible, but the next level, the money, the fame is not in Allen's sights.

"My why has to be my son," Allen said. "He's been the biggest motivator in my life."

Wesley Devon Allen will celebrate his first birthday two days after the Citrus Bowl. And while Allen admits his son wasn't part of his plan over a year ago, he is now the biggest part of his life.

In fact, Allen said Wesley has helped his become the football star he is today.

"God put him on Earth for some type of reason," Allen said, "and I feel like he put him for a reason to put me in a better place and to get my head strong to become a better person for myself."

It was that adjusted mindset and acknowledgment that he could be better that led Allen to return to UK for his senior year.

"I wasn't ready. You know personally I felt like I wasn't ready. I wasn't physically there, I wasn't mentally there to withstand the NFL, so I decided to come back and now it's like I told myself, 'I'm gonna come back and get better," Allen said. "I'm not going to come back and stay the same person. Coming back was a good decision. Like so far I'm doing what I need, but I've got one more game and that could top everything."

One more game could make history, and there was no chance Allen would sit this one out.

"I told my brothers I'm going to play with them throughout the whole season," Allen said. "I don't care what bowl we go to, I'm going to play. I'm going to finish the season out strong and I told the guys I'm not going to quit on y'all."

One more game, one more chance to leave a final mark on the program. And you better believe Allen's biggest fan will be in Orlando cheering him on and reminding his that there's so much more than football.

"I'm not worried about the game, I'm not worried about my travels, I'm worried about him and I hope he does good on the plane because I'm not going to be with him, that's all I'm going to be worried about until they come down here.," Allen said.

"I'm never going to look back. I want to be a part of history," said Allen.