Students at Englewood High School knew something was different when former Jaguars player Rashean Mathis showed up at his alma mater for a pep rally. He certainly didn't disappoint. Mathis and the Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation donated new football uniforms ahead of Englewoods Thursday night game.

Players could be overheard saying, “oh my gosh, they’re all gold, we look like golden angels!” and "oh my gosh this is a miracle!" as they gushed over the all-gold uniforms.

School pride rang through the entire gym at the pep rally. 

The football team had been surprised last month with a new locker room from Mathis and the Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation. 

“Kids just came up to me and were just saying this is exciting, thank you so much," Mathis said. "We need the school spirit back into the school." 

These major investments at Englewood High are bringing back its sense of community.

“Kids are starting to say hey, this is something we can be proud of, something we can take seriously,” Head Coach Stalvey said.

The football players aren't taking any of their gifts for granted. It's added more fuel to their fire. 

“Having new equipment and being able to get all this new stuff it should really give us something to play hard for,” Football player Samuel Howard said.