You may have heard the character Jason Mendoza reference the Jags and Blake Bortles on "The Good Place".

Our station, WTLV 12 was even featured in a flashback episode where Mendoza harassed a meteorologist on-air.

With all the talk about Jacksonville Maurice Postal wanted to know if someone from the show had ties to DUUUUVALLLL.

We talked to Gary Mednick. He's the director of NBC entertainment publicity for "The Good Place." Mednick emailed that, "No, unfortunately, nobody has ties to the Jacksonville area. We had a writer and actor at the playoff game last weekend, but that is really the extent of it." That was the game where we beat the Buffalo Bills.

Mednick referenced writer Joe Mande and actor Manny Jacinto ---who plays Jason Mendoza. And they, of course, were rooting for the Jags!

So we can verify that no one on the staff of "The Good Place" is from Jacksonville. But it's pretty safe to say they some are now Jaguars fans.

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