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Three mothers plan to file a lawsuit against Mandarin Middle School after their kids experienced racial discrimination

A press conference was held today by the attorney who represents the parents, Jasmine Rand, demanding immediate termination within the administration.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — First Coast News told you about the mother of a student at Mandarin Middle School who plans to sue Duval County Public Schools after a teacher allegedly called her son the ‘n’ word.

Now two other mothers of students who attend the school want to file a lawsuit against the school for racial discrimination their children faced.

"I send him to school and he's in the care like I said eight hours out of the day. More than he's in my care so I feel like I trust you with my child," said Aylise Beechem, mother of student who allegedly got called racial slur from teacher.

Beechem says she and her son are living in fear.

"At this day and age you shouldn't have to walk around or be mindful of a different race that is around you. We are all equal," said Beechem. 

Kristen Woodall says her daughter witnessed the incident with Beechem's son.

According to a notice of intent to sue provided to First Coast News, Woodall's daughter asked the teacher who made the racial slur if calling a black person the 'n' word is racist.

The document says the teacher replied that the 'n' word is not racist.

"I'm hurt and disappointed. I reached out and I never got any communication back in regard to the situation and was told as Ms. Aylise said that my child was lying, and that hurt her," said Woodall. 

Attorney Jasmaine Rand represents Woodall, Beechem and another parent.

Hahlah Ideis, whose daughter is biracial says she also has experienced racial disclination at the school.

Rand says they want the dean and principal fired for not taking accountability for the acts of racism against students at the school.

Rand says she is not sure if the teacher who made a racial slur has been removed from the school, but they are demanding confirmation from the school that the teacher is terminated.

"I shouldn't have to hold a press conference to have a racist teacher who is verbally abusing students removed from a classroom. That should be something the school administration does because it's their job to do so," said Rand. 

Duval county public schools sent First Coast News a statement saying: 

"As a matter of policy and practice, Duval County Public Schools works to protect students from any form of racial discrimination or harassment. We also strive to uphold the highest standards of conduct for our employees. Our office of professional standards continues to investigate these allegations. The investigation is in process and has not concluded. While the presumption of innocence applies, if the allegations are confirmed and supported through the investigation, appropriate action is taken in accordance with district progressive discipline policies and the collective bargaining agreement." 

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