ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. -- Four months after Hurricane Irma crashed through the state, Fort Matanzas National Monument is still dealing with storm damage.

Usually, visitors can take a ferry to visit the fort at Fort Matanzas National Monument. But you can't right now.

Park Superintendent Gordie Wilson said the ferry docks were first shut down for months after Hurricane Matthew because they were damaged. It again followed suit after Irma.

"In Irma, one of our boats got damaged from the wind and the storm, and the other we put in storage," he recalled.

And that one was damaged... while in storage.

"So now both of our boats are damaged and the docks are ok now," he said. "But we have to wait until our boats are repaired" before visitors can go to the fort.

The extent of the damage is seen throughout the park.

Last week's Nor'easter caused even more destruction to the park.

"Those are actually limiting visitors to the beach," Wilson noted.

The boardwalk is actually falling apart because storm waves have eroded the dune away underneath the boardwalk's legs.

And then there's the ramp to the beach; It's what people drive on to take vehicles to the beach. As of last week, the ramp's end is not even touching the sand.

"We've got to assess the damage there and that's just from a Nor'easter," Wilson said.

There is some good news at Fort Matanzas. The nature trails have been cleaned up and are open and the boardwalk to the intra-coastal waterway is open.

Meanwhile, the fort -- the park's main attraction -- is still unreachable.