Former Fla. Governor turned Senator Rick Scott made a stop on the First Coast to discuss higher education on a day that many students are returning back to school.

Though the focus was on funding higher education, Scott said he is looking to educate his colleagues in the Senate on gun reform based on efforts he helped pass while he was governor.

"I'm hopeful that they'll use -- look at some of the things we did in Washington D.C and do it nationally," he said. "I'm going to work hard to get that done."

Lawmakers aren't expected back in their chambers from recess until after Labor Day, leaving any action about gun reform unresolved following the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton. 

President Trump threw support behind stronger background checks, while Senate Democrats are calling on Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to bring the Senate back to act.

"You know Mitch McConnell will make a decision whether he wants to do that or not," Scott said. "What's important to me is that we get something done."

 Scott said that something should include red flag laws, which would allow police or family members to ask a judge for an order to temporarily remove guns from someone proven to be a danger to themselves. The law was passed while Scott was governor.

"If you're threatening harm to yourself or threatening harm to somebody else, you shouldn't have a gun," Scott said. "You shouldn't have any weapon."

Another recommendation from Scott is having school resource officers in every school. 

"I believe in the second amendment," Scott said, "but I do believe that we all have family and kids and grandkids, and I want them to be safe." 

Scott said whether Senator McConnel brings the Senate back to handle gun reform, he feels confident something will get done in Washington.