STARKE, Florida — A First Coast mother is beginning chemotherapy on Friday after a mammogram detected Stage 3 breast cancer from a lump she couldn't feel.

"I could not feel the lump," Kim Adams said. "[It was] two centimeters."

If she hadn't gotten her mammogram, "I would not have known."

Adams looks healthy and strong. She has already had a double mastectomy. She's not looking forward to her chemo treatments, but she knows it's necessary to fight it off.

Her daughter, Regan, "is [her] world." She is a fourth-grader who worries about her mother. Regan, as well as the rest of Adams' friends and family are cheering her on.

Regan and her mom, Kim

Adams tells all women, "Get your mammograms."  

Even though Adams could not feel her lumps, thousands of women are alive because they did self-exams. They are important, as well.

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Kim Adams with FCN's Jeannie Blaylock

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