ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. -- "We love Miss Cathie! We love Miss Steeg!" The students--all decked out in pink --are cheering. The dolphin mascot is dancing. And a teacher and staff member ar Atlantic Beach Elementary are tucked away inside the school not knowing what's happening outside.

Principal Kim Gallagher believes in inspiring her students to realize they can help in the fight against breast cancer. That's because emotional support and group hugs are powerful medicine.

When the beloved staff members walked outside to see the entire student body cheering for them, the looks on their faces said it all. Miss Cathie, in a pink wig, even got a bit choked up.

Both breast cancer survivors credit mammography with saving their lives.

ABE announced during the surprise that students will be donating proceeds from their club sales to the Buddy Bus, a mobile mammography unit First Coast News and Baptist/MD Anderson are working to buy. The total cost to purchase the bus will be one million dollars. So far donations have reached over $413,000.

If you choose to give, go to All donations are tax deductible.