JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A parent is asking the city of Jacksonville for action following numerous concerns about the safety of students on their way to and from a Westside school.

Along Old Middleburg Road there are no signs indicating a crosswalk for school children attending Enterprise Learning Academy.

The only signs to be seen are from a construction site located in the lot next to the school. But the lack of signs is just the beginning of a list of concerns parents have regarding the children's safety.

Parents worry about children crossing the street near Collins Road and Old Middleburg Road because there is no crosswalk. The speed limit along Old Middleburg is not adjusted for the school and is 45 miles per hour.

A parent of a student attending the academy was allegedly told by someone in the city's planning commission that the lack of signs for school zones and crosswalks is due to the location of the school. Enterprise Learning Academy is not close to a residential area like some other elementary schools.

First Coast News called the Jacksonville Planning department for answers and were sent to the city traffic engineer.

According to the city, reduced speed school zones are installed based on elementary grade students crossing the street on their way to school. Near Enterprise Learning Academy there is no sidewalk on the west side of the street and no crosswalk. As a result, parents are required to enter the school property for drop off and pick up of their students.

The Duval County School Safety Committee is aware of this site and the existing conditions along Old Middleburg Road.

First Coast News asked how many students need to cross in order to have signs installed and if the Duval County School Safety Committee is considering making changes and have yet to hear back.