The City of Jacksonville is investigating reports of someone bitten by a dog at one of its Animal Care and Protective Services facilities in the Mixon Town area on Tuesday.

In a statement, the City of Jacksonville told First Coast News that the bite involved a mother and child, but it didn't go into details about what happened or their condition.

The bite reportedly happened at the city facility located at 2020 Forest St.

Nikki Kimbleton, the director of public affairs for the city, released the following statement:

"We care greatly about the safety of every citizen in Jacksonville and we are saddened to hear about the incident today at Animal Control and Protective Services. We are troubled with these events and will be reviewing all procedures and processes to ensure safety at our facility. Since this is an ongoing investigation, we have no other comment at this time beyond our sincere thoughts for the swift and complete recovery of the mom and her child."

The city also announced the dog was isolated shortly after the incident and will remain in quarantine for 10 days.

No other information was released at this time.