JACKSONVILLE, Fl -- One of the many faces On Your Side met at Nicole's Cafe in Middleburg is that of Thomas Nicholson. A Jacksonville homeowner who cannot enjoy the use of his home.

"The city and JEA have known about this tree since 2002," he said.

Nicholson came with pictures of property damage he says was caused by a tree that is on a public easement.

"I've been having problems with a tree that is actually on city property," said Nicholson.

The latest experience was during Hurricane Irma. He said the limbs from the tree crushed the roof of his North Jacksonville home.

"This time, it took out everything I had already fixed for the third time," he said.

The City of Jacksonville Risk management officer offered him $9,000 to settle his claim for damages, he has yet to accept the offer.

Nicholson took On Your Side to his neighborhood and the tree in question is very big. It appears to be 60 feet tall and about four feet wide.

"If you look up, you will see major branches have come off and three times they've fallen on my house," he said.

Since Irma, he has yet to move back into his home.

"FEMA told me to talk to the city and the representative told me I could not live in the house anymore until it was fixed," said Nicholson.

Why make repairs, he asked, if the threat of more damage from the tree remains?

"Oh, I know it is going to happen again," he said. "You can bet it will happen again."

The tree has been marked with an orange x -- it is now faded -- as if it was at one time planned for removal.

Why it hasn't been removed is the question.

"The tree is rotten from the inside," said Nicholson. "That tree is a problem, and it is on their property and it needs to be taken care of."

He wants to begin restoring his home but won't until the tree is removed.

"They need to take it down before somebody gets hurt," he said.

On Your Side contacted both the City of Jacksonville and JEA to determine who owns it.

This was JEA's response:

The tree at 260 W. 67th street was marked by COJ (they use the orange X that you saw, where JEA puts tape around trees scheduled for removal). My understanding from COJ is that the tree will be scheduled for re-inspection, but there is no date for removal at this time.

JEA is responsible for maintaining the lines at this location, while COJ is responsible for the noted tree.

A city spokesperson said there a number of complaints in the city's CARE system regarding Nicholson's address. All have been resolved with the exception of two, which are currently in process.

As for its removal -- that is still undetermined.