JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Judy Allen is watching the projected forecast of Hurricane Dorian with a closer eye than most. Last year, a windstorm ripped the shingles off of her East Arlington home.

A roofing contractor responded and covered her damaged roof with a tarp, but that's it.

"They won't return my calls," Allen said.

Last November, Allen signed a contract with Rogero Roofing and Construction to replace her roof.

"It doesn't take anyone that long to fix a roof," she said.

Normally it does not, but there seemed to be an issue with her claim.

Her insurance adjuster estimated her loss at $9,500. Rogero Roofing and Construction claimed it was closer to $26,000.

Allen signed what is called an Assignment of Benefits (AOB) which gives her contractor the authority to negotiate with her insurance company for more money, in simple terms.

For her, this experience has become one filled with frustration.

"Get it done that's what I want," Allen said.

Nick James, an attorney handling the process, told the On Your Side team that it has been a lengthy process. He was brought in to help in February.

James said the claim was finally settled on April 30 for $23,000. On August 26 the check for the settlement cleared. 

He said part of the delay was getting Allen's mortgage company to sign off on the check.

Allen now fears that because of the drawn negotiations, if Hurricane Dorian hits the First Coast, her home is vulnerable to more damage.

"I fear I am going to lose everything I have," she said. " I fear that the wind is going to take the top of my roof off, I pray that doesn't happen. I hope the storm turns."

Rogero Roofing and Construction pulled its permit with the City of Jacksonville on Wednesday.

James said the company intends to get the roof replaced as soon as possible.

For more information, check the Better Business Bureau's website.

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