JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Chase Properties wants to bring back a plan to build a gondola lift across the St. Johns River.

According to the CEO, Mike Balanky, the plan was originally hatched back in 2007. The group said the movement around the convention center has brought back the interest.

The development group is hearing a lot of excitement in regards to the newly proposed convention center and believes there is serious interest surrounding its development.

Chase Properties is interested in developing a skyrise and a gondola as part of development on the Southbank. In order to accomplish one or both of the developments, they will need to make a concentrated effort with all stakeholders.

Lots of cities have either installed or proposed gondola lift rides like Chicago and New York.

The estimated cost of the skyrise development is $80 million while the estimated cost of the Gondola: is $12- $15 million.

If the group were to invest in the gondola, convention center development would need to take place.