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No pandemic party-pooper will spoil this little girl's big birthday

Lorelai gets a birthday anyway and it's all a surprise!

Don't peek! 

Lorelai is about to see how much people really love her. 

What 8-year-old woudn't be crushed to find out her big birthday party plans have to be ditched?

Her mom, Morgan Smith, says she was so disappointed. 

But her neighbors and friends saved the day!  

With a princess crown and a blue blindfold, Lorelai set out in the car in her neighborhood.  

Then she hears people singing , "Happy Birthday to you!"  Turns out, yard-after yard, people are outside -- socially distant -- to wish her happy birthday.

Credit: Smith Family

Her mom says, "Both her dad and I had tears in our eyes."

As for Lorelai, a big grin says it all.

Credit: Smith Family

Now she has to figure out what to do for her sister's birthday. Yes, it falls during this pandemic party-pooper, too.