JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A few months ago, we first reported about a new program aimed at matching families and children who are in the foster care system using similar matching technology as popular dating sights like eHarmony or Match.com. It's called Family Match and its very first round of adoptions using the program was made on Halloween.

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Dr. Rebecca Reeder adopter her now son Nick Reeder. She says it was an easy decision because she was adopted as a child and knew she wanted to adopt an older child.

"It just wasn't a drive in my life and I thought why not connect with someone that needs a connection as well as I have certain things to offer," Reeder said.

Family Match works by looking for key components in parenting and personality styles that would be compatible for a family. Through the program, she was paired up with 15-year-old Nick. He was in the foster care system for 7 years. He says that being with Reeder, in her home, makes him happy.

"I've never been with a real mom like her, I guess," Nick said.

Their first meeting, earlier this year, was at Burger King. They went to Dave and Buster's a few times, as well.

"He moved in officially September 3 but we started meeting the last week of July,” she said.

While the Family-Match program looks at different attributes like parenting styles, how someone copes among other things, it doesn't come without some growing pains.

"There are things just like what’s your favorite color? What do you like to do? There are all of these questions that you just have to work through but you do that with any relationship," Reeder said.

This adoption happening on Halloween was very special to Reeder. Her mother passed away on Halloween 21 years ago. She says this day now holds a different meaning.

For more information on Family-Match and how you can register – click here. The program is free throughout the state of Florida thanks to the Selfless Love Foundation.