JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- STEM2 Hub, a non-profit formed by the Jacksonville business community is raising the bar at Andrew Jackson High School and getting students ready for jobs of the future.

They've purchased HoloLens technology and mixed reality goggles for the school. With HoloLens students can see and experience what's in the room with a virtual holographic image placed over it. Mixed reality is a full immersion experience.

AJHS is the first school in North Florida and one of few in Florida that are able to offer this technology to kids.

Instead of just reading about something or researching it, they'll actually be able to immerse themselves in an experience.

“For instance, we've got a sports medicine academy here, imagine how the children, instead of just looking at a manipulative item, they are going to be able to actually see inside the human body and discover and touch and move things and explore that way," said Kathleen Schofield, the executive director of Northeast Florida STEM2 Hub.

STEM2 Hub will also pilot an app development program with the students for this new technology.