The Chat's beauty and lifestyle expert Noreen Young is back to share her personal and favorite BEAUTY HACKS!

She shares answers to the following in her segment above -- watch weekdays at 3:00 on NBC 12.

1. They keep on coming out with new mascaras but it's not necessarily all about a new formula, it's all about the brush! Learn more above!

2. Excess makeup and stains on your washcloths?

3. Can't make your eye liner or eye shadow look perfect like you'd like to?

4. Excessive over the top contouring is on its way out and Non-touring is in. Find out how to do them right with this unexpected trick!

5. Hollywood and other makeup artists and the average woman use their hand as a palette when making up their face. But it is so unsanitary when you think about it. Noreen has a beauty must-have that's better and safer, called Hygienic Hand Pallette, the essential skin shield. Part of the 2017 Trend Report by American Spa magazine. Created by a woman!