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The Buzz: Teachers can score discounted school supplies through August

In the past the promotion would only last one week. But, this year educators will be able to snag the discount Sunday, July 19 through Aug. 29.

Target's back-to-school teacher discount returns Sunday, but things will be a bit different this year.

Here’s the Buzz: Target is giving teachers 15 percent off of school supplies in-store and online. This includes pens, pencils, crayons, notebooks and other classroom essentials.

In the past, the promotion would only last one week but this year educators will be able to snag the discount Sunday, July 19 through Aug. 29.

K-12 teachers, homeschoolers, daycare/early learning educators, university or college professors, and vocational/trade/technical school teachers qualify for the discount.

You can sign up for the coupon here.

Credit: Target

SNAP benefits for online orders at Walmart

Walmart is now accepting SNAP benefits for online grocery orders at stores in 39 states across the country, including Florida.

Here’s the Buzz: Walmart has pushed to make sure customers who pay for groceries with snap benefits have access to its pickup and delivery service. The pandemic spurred the expansion.

The program allows customers to place their grocery order online and use their snap benefit card to pay at the time of pickup.

Middle seats on planes

No one likes the middle seat on an airplane, and now there's yet another reason to avoid it.

Here’s the Buzz: A new study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology says leaving the middle seat empty on flights could cut the risk of catching COVID-19 almost in half.

This comes just as American Airlines and other carriers begin booking flights to full capacity.

U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley announced recently he is working on a bill to ban the use of middle seats amid the pandemic.