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Tree falls on two houses in Columbia County, slicing one of them into pieces

Fallen trees and power outages are the most significant effects in Columbia County from Hurricane Idalia.

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Fla. — In Columbia County, the power is coming back on Thursday, but still thousands are without electricity.

Meanwhile, fallen trees are still all over the county.

One was still on a house on NE Davis Street in Lake City.  Around 11 a.m. Wednesday morning, Hurricane Idalia slammed a tall tree into the home, slicing it in half. 

Seven people were inside.

"We heard cracking. Then boom, boom, boom," Anzarria Jerkins said. "It fell right next to me. It was scary."

The tree was so tall, it also landed on the house next door. Everyone in both homes made it out safely.

Trees fell across Columbia County; many on powerlines which causing widespread power outages in Columbia and neighboring Suwanee County. Florida Power and Light CEO Armando Pimentel toured both counties Thursday.

"That’s a big storm in an area that hasn’t had a big storm in a lot of years," Pimentel said. "When it hit the areas in Columbia County and Suawanee, it was at least a Category 1 storm. They haven't seen a Category 1 storm in a long time." 

He expects FPL customers in both counties will have power fully restored by Friday night.


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