NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. - In Nassau County, residents and mosquito control employees are concerned about standing pools of water accumulating between storms that spraying has expanded around Amelia Island.

"With several inches of water on the ground, we know that we're going to have to step up," said Bruce Hyers with Amelia Island Mosquito Control.

Hyers said his team already has a plan in place: Inspecting and testing more spots on the island, then going after larvae.

He said early June is typically an active season for mosquitoes, and that is something that does not stop when it rains.

"Here in the last couple, three days they've stepped up and I've noticed them," Hyers said. "I live two miles from here and they're bad in my backyard."

He said with high tides expected Friday, crews will also be up against marsh mosquitoes essentially surrounding Amelia Island. So far, Hyers said, species that could carry the Zika virus are not showing-up in big numbers on the Island, but the effort to keep them away has not slowed down.

"Just be patient with us and call us and let us know so we can get to them as soon as we can and try to get things back to normal," Hyers said.

Even though that normally may include spraying as late as Christmas Eve, which Hyers said he and Amelia Island Mosquito Control employees did in 2016.

He added that to stay protected from mosquitoes, you should drain standing water, use DEET repellant, wear long sleeves and avoid being outside around dawn and dusk.