It’s all about local art, crafts, food and the people who make it.

The event will be at Francis Field from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. A market will be setup with artists and food vendors. Live music performances and a booth about St. Augustine’s history also on the list.

“Lot of excitement back in this neighborhood and this seems to be where the growth is coming from and we’re really happy to be a part of it,” Doug Murr with Dog Rose Brewing Company said. Murr will be handing-out samples to visitors old enough to enjoy his craft beer.

Artist RJ Higgins was partially paralyzed after a motor vehicle accident. He turned to art after rehabilitating and regaining strength in his hand.

“Painting is an outlet as a way to teach myself how to use my left hand, my right hand doesn’t work anymore,” Higgins said.

More information about the festival is available here.