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Jacksonville brewery to add security at drag show after threats from Proud Boys

Tepeyolet Cerveceria in Jacksonville received threats from Proud Boys leading up to Sunday's "Sleigh the Holidays Drag Brunch"

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Will they cancel their show due to intimidation?

The Proud Boys sent threatening messages to a San Marco brewery called Tepeyolot, which also goes by the name Tepey's, about a drag show that the brewery will host on Sunday Dec. 17.

Two days before the drag show was scheduled it seemed like business as usual at the brewery, drinks were being poured and customers were at the bar.

But what effect will those threaten messages from the Proud Boys have on Sunday's 'Sleigh the Holidays Drag Brunch'?

The show will go on despite receiving threats from the Proud Boys, says Luis Melgarejo, the owner of Tepey's. He says his brewery will remain an inclusive place for everyone who wants to have a good time.

"To me it's similar as hosting trivia," sais Melgarejo. "We do bingo, we do drag bingo, in addition to the drag brunches, to me, it's just another thing we can do to drum up some business."

Melgarejo said that after receiving multiple threatening messages he plans to have an increased security presence on Sunday.

"We are trying to be more thorough, trying to be more diligent," said Melgarejo. "I want to make sure my staff, my customers, the queens, everybody here is safe."

One of the issues the Proud Boys have is that the show is not explicitly age restricted. Melgarejo said that he doesn't actively advertise for kids to come, but if a parent wants to bring their child, that's the parent's decision.

"It's just a show for people to come out and have a good time," said Melgarejo. "Similar to if a parent wants to bring their kid to an R rated movie or buy them a rated M game, it's on the parents' discretion."

On Sunday the show will go on and a crowd as diverse as the beers offered at the brewery will be welcomed.

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