Months after taking video inside an unfinished home, a Nassau County pastor says his complaint against a building company has been resolved.

Tony Nolan reached out to First Coast News in January after he says he hit dead ends negotiating with Arizona-based building company AV Homes, Inc.

Original Story: On Your Side: Pastor and builder clash over on-site video

The home passed inspection and AV deemed the structure sound and in good condition, but Nolan said his videos of water seeping into the partly-built home showed a potential of mold damage in the future.

On February 10, Nolan confirmed the dispute had been resolved 100 percent to the satisfaction of him and his family.

The details provided about the resolution were limited but initially Nolan asked the company for a return of his $31,700 deposit or additional wall replacements in the home he contracted.

AV Homes told First Coast News in a January interview the home was correctly built, but agreed to work with Nolan despite a prior break down in communication.

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