New documents released in the case against the woman suspected of murdering a Nassau County mother-of-three shine light on her behavior before and after her arrest.

Kimberly Kessler is charged with murder in the death of Joleen Cummings. Cummings disappeared in May. Her body has not been found.

The new documents released in the case include search warrants, lab reports and interviews with people who met Kessler before her arrest and those she encountered once she was incarcerated.

Investigators interviewed other inmates in the St. Johns County jail who had contact with Kessler. Multiple women said Kessler told them she had been on the run for decades and frequently carried around a Bible. They said Kessler would listen in on other peoples’ conversations.

Kessler’s cellmate in Duval County also spoke with investigators, saying Kessler told people she was kidnapped when she was 16. The cellmate added that Kessler was guarded over her possessions, especially her hair, and believed her mother would make voodoo dolls from her hair to punish her. Additionally, the cellmate said Kessler was interested in how another murder suspect in the jail allegedly hid the body.

The investigation led law enforcement to several people who had met Kessler in the months and years before her arrest, including a man who said he met Kessler when she was looking for an untraceable cell phone. The man, who went out with Kessler that same night, described Kessler as odd said she appeared paranoid around law enforcement.