A man has been arrested for allegedly videotaping a young girl in a RaceWay gas station.

Two girls ran out to their mother, who was fueling up at a pump at the RaceWay on Lem Turner on Sunday, June 10, stating that a man had videotaped one of them while they were using the restroom.

The victims were able to point out the man and the mother confronted him, according to a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office report. He said to the mother of the girls that he was "sick" and "taking medication for his condition" as he attempted to apologize. He told the mother of the girls that he had deleted the videos.

The clerk kept the suspect from leaving the gas station until police arrived.

More than one girl used the restroom while Johnson was inside, it is unclear whether he taped more than one girl at this time.

Johnson has been charged with one count of video voyeurism of a child less than 16-years-old.