Now's the time to start thinking about Mother's Day gifts and who better to start us off on the hunt than The Chat's beauty and lifestyle expert Noreen Young!
Fragrance is an awesome gift! Farmhouse Fresh Goods has some new on-the-go perfumes just in time for Mother's Day. Choose from shea butter-filled Rainbow Road (who doesn't want to go down that happy road?) or give them Fluffy Bunny -- a shea butter, mint julep, and relaxing lavender lotion. They also have a bath and body wash to match and pamper mom!
Go a little further and make a gift bag or basket filled with fragrance and add a 3-in-1 kit that contains multi-functioning, anti-aging,and cleansing mask set with 24 karat gold eye patch by Double Dare and or Cailyn's Vitamin C game changer treatment. Moms are busy and need instant results and gratification.These offer that to her.
Flutter Eyewear
The luxurious superior quality eyewear readers come wrapped in a luxurious red gift box and a note card. It also comes with a carrying case to keep them safe and ready to wear. They even have a paper doll-like template online that you can cut out and test drive some styles on your face to give you an idea of how you will look in their glasses base of your face shape.
These aren't your mama's reading glasses but they should be!
NH Measures has what you need and huge variety to choose from!
From blinged-out mugs and truly original greeting cards to wine glasses and GORGEOUS T-shirts, they have some great specialty gift ideas for MOM and 'Glam'-ma!
Natalie Hawthorne, the creative director, is so sassy and classy. She is amazingly talented and loves to help people shop for customized gifts! Her husband is part of the team with a printing and press side.
NHMeasures even offers Private Ladies Night parties for all occasions.. 
Some of her clients include churches, organizations, businesses and people who love stylish gifts seek her expertise.
YOUR vision is her purpose!
Questions or to place an order: 281--206-7174
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