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Things You'll Regret Storing In Your Garage During Winter

When space in your home is at a premium and you need a place to stow all your stuff, what's the place that comes to mind to do so? Yeah, your garage. But my friends, after much anticipation, winter is actually here and some things you'll regret leaving in your garage during the cold season. Even if you have a heated garage, Reader's Digest suggests you store paint and wood stain somewhere else, they can separate and solidify at extreme temperatures. Off-season clothes need to be kept out of boxes, or you risk moisture from melted snow ruining them. If you have no room in your closet, then store them in plastic bins away from the concrete floor and on storage shelves. Bob Vila asks you resist the idea of putting firewood in your garage because with it can come pests that can infiltrate your garage and eventually migrate into your home. And really take serious the humidity that WILL come up in the garage, because it has the potential of not only ruining your clothes but also wooden furniture and your treasured photographs. Time to Marie Kondo a cool, dry, room to put your precious items away!