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First Coast News - WTLV/WJXX
1070 East Adams Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Departmental Contacts

News Team
Phone: (904) 633-8808
I-team at (904) 633-8860

Sports Team
Phone: (904) 633-8806

Weather Team
Phone: (904) 633-8816
For 24-hour weather forecasts, call Weather-Tel at (904)356-8812.

Viewer Comments (Programming Department)
Phone: (904) 633-8882

Questions and comments about television (network, syndicated, etc.) programming for WTLV NBC12 and WJXX ABC25. Information for the networks can be found here: Sales Team
Phone: (904) 633-8871

Advertising information for the First Coast News sales staff including local and national sales, WJXX ABC25 and WTLV NBC12.

Community Affairs
Phone: (904) 633-8849

Closed Captioning Contact Information
Click here for contact information regarding on-air Closed Captioning on First Coast News

Broadcast News Video Archive
Did you miss a First Coast News story or wish to get a copy of a past segment? Contact TV Video Clips at 800-799-8881.

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