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What makes a harvest moon unique?

This years' harvest moon falls on September 9th-10th.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The full harvest moon is out Friday night September 9th - 10th. What’s unique about the harvest moon is it does not always full in the same month, but instead falls on the full moon closest to the Autumn equinox which is on September 22nd.

For the full forecast to see if you will have clear skies visit here. 

The monthly full moon for September is the full corn moon, so this moon is called the Full Harvest Corn moon.

The peak of the harvest moon is 0959UTC or 0359AM EST on the morning of the 10th of September.

The lore behind the harvest moon by the way is before the time of artificial lightning the harvest moon which rises right about the same time as the sun sets provides additional light post sunset for farmers working fields. The closer to the Autumn equinox in fact the more likely the moon will rise right at the same time as sunset providing continual lighting.

A big misconception is the harvest moon is orange or red. This would reflect traditional Autumn colors, but that is dictated by aerosols in the atmosphere instead of the moons position compared to earth. For example if there is a wild fire or volcanic ash nearby you have a higher chance of seeing an orange or red moon.

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The full moon this year in October will be on the 9th and is called the Hunters Moon. This will not be a Harvest moon.

Heading in to Autumn we are getting ready for Halloween. 

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