JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The heat is on the weekend! Afternoon highs will climb well into the 90s but the humidity will have heat indices close to 105 degrees.

Some areas of clouds this morning, but we should see plenty of sun into the afternoon. Thunderstorm activity will be very slim so don't expect any downpours to cool you off. If you get caught in the lone storm today, consider yourself lucky!

The heat is on once again Sunday, but we'll see a few more thunderstorms in the afternoon. Nothing widespread however, isolated in nature.

Remember to stay hydrated and keep yourself cool! Whether that's the shade, the pool, or the air-conditioning. Heat can become dangerous, keep an eye on pets, the elderly, infants, and those who don't do well in these temps.

The heat will be broken down slightly as a front approaches from the north late Monday. Thunderstorms will be on the increase as a result, especially into Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.