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Unique teaching tool for STEM education from DCPS

The Spacegate Program from DCPS is designed to provide free STEM related education in a new, unique and fun way.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) plays a vital role in society and the future of students on the First Coast. 

DCPS has created a new and unique tool to help teachers and students out in STEM education with online videos lessons from "Spacegate Station"

If you interested in this, also check out the latest traveling exhibit at MOSH that teachers you what a mission to mars would be like.

"Spacegate Station is an online children's program from the Duval County department of science that started out of our experience with COVID," Doctor Peter Carafano the STEM Coordinator from DCPS stated. 

The program consist of episodes set at Spacegate station, a fictional orbiting space station where problems arise a the crew must solve them with a variety of science, technology, engineering or math resources. 

"We teach them the practical application of what they are doing, and how these things they they enjoy doing can lead them into future careers in robots or coding," Dr. Carafano noted. 

Also all the actors in episodes not normal actors but teachers from the STEM division at DCPS.

You can find these episodes for free via DCPS, click here.

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