First Coast News is reminding folks to take care of their pets and plants on the coldest night of the year. A hard freeze is in effect starting midnight Thursday until 9 a.m.

You're encouraged to bring your plants inside, but if you have plants that may be sensitive to the cold (i.e. gardens), you could put an old sheet over them to provide heat, said Nathan, also known as the Man in Overalls.

"The only other thing you have to deal with is make sure your irrigation system is off so it doesn't go off first thing in the morning," Nathan said.

Regarding pets, they can get cold too, so make sure they are inside and warm.

According to the spokesperson with the Florida Fish and Wildlife, species in both fresh and saltwater could die as the temperatures drop, similar to the large number of fish kills reported across the First Coast in 2010.

"It's always good to report [fish kills] so we can monitor and track it and put into our database," a spokesperson with the FWC told First Coast News.