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Breaking down Sunday's tornado warning on the First Coast via radar

How do we say there is a tornado warning in place but no tornado has been confirmed on the ground?
Credit: WTKV

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — On the evening of the August 21st 2022, a classic tornado signature was seen on radar. Thankfully no tornado was confirmed on the ground but thanks to modern radar there are many signs that would rotation or a funnel cloud.

First at 5:42 p.m., the National Weather Service in Jacksonville issued a Tornado warning over Fruit Cove, Florida. In the warning they noted it was radar indicated. So what exactly does that mean?

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The image below shows what we call a hook echo. This forms when rain, hail and possibly debris wrap like a hook around an area in the lower portion of a storm.  This at the very lease indicates a meso-cyclone and justifies a tornado warning in most cases.

Credit: WTLV

Yet to note further on Sunday’s tornado warning a weak echo region was also shown.  This can be seen on a cross section of radar and shows  where there is inflow and a strong updraft. Another sign that a storm could have a tornado.

Credit: WTLV

Lastly to back up both of these doppler radar showing the direction of the winds within the storm indicated rotation with winds to and from the radar.

Credit: WTLV

Thankfully no tornado was reported on the ground during this event but wind damage and hail was seen. Also indicators a strong storm.  In short the best source of information on a tornado is people actually observing and reporting it. But these tools help fill in that gap when moment by moment up to date information is critical.

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