A damaging thunderstorm swept through St. Johns, Putnam and Flagler counties, bringing with it a tornado. 

The tornado, estimated to be about 50 yards, was spotted near State Road 207 and County Road 305 in Elkton around 5:05 a.m. causing tree and roof damage in the area.

Logan Parham, a member of our First Coast Weather Watchers Facebook Group, said he recorded the moment a reported tornado swept near SR-207.

"The metal roofing wrapped and slammed into the power lines blowing a transformer that can be seen in the video, knocking out the power," he said in a post. "It then moves straight over my vehicle and you can see the debris spinning around us and on the road (SR 207)."

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Other residents like Laura Orlowski, who owns FL Custom Kitchen and Bath said her interior design business was damaged by the tornado.

“As I walked through like I saw the devastation and then I would see blessings,” Orlowski said.

Orlowski said that none of their work for customers was damaged but winds ripped away big metal doors and parts of their roof.

“The machinery is good, but slabs are broken, doors inside the building, your mind keeps going everywhere because it’s so much to look at,” Orlowski said.

She estimates $60,000 to $80,0000 worth of damage.

In the early morning hours, utility crews and deputies responded to the damage. 

A woman says she was driving while the tornado passed through the area.

“There was a scary moment, my car was shaking…It was raining like crazy, the trees were blowing and bending,” Shelandoah Session-Willis, a pastor at a Putnam County church said.

And after the rain came the sunshine.

Orlowski said she’s grateful that other local business owners are supporting her in her time of need.

“I love Elkton, I feel like I belong here, this was a real unfortunate thing to happen but I love this town and I love the people in it,” Orlowski said.

Orlowski says none of their customers' jobs were affected. She said they will come back to work Monday and work around the damage dealt.

Similar storm damage was reported in Putnam and Flagler counties as well. Interlachen, Palatka, Flagler Beach and Bunnell areas are are reporting damage such as downed trees, downed power lines, damaged roofs and structural damage.

The National Weather Service is en route to the areas seeing storm damage to do a formal survey.

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