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Severe thunderstorm wreaks havoc in San Jose neighborhood

The storm knocked trees onto houses and downed power lines on Ponce de Leon Avenue in San Jose Monday.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A powerful thunderstorm knocked out power for neighbors in the San Jose neighborhood on Ponce de Leon Avenue Monday.

Police blocked off a portion of St. Augustine Road as a maze of trees and power lines formed in the neighborhood. 

Terri Pope lives in the neighborhood and said she's never seen such destruction. 

“I don’t know what blew through. I don’t know was it a hurricane, was it a tornado was it somebody else keeps I don’t know what they’re calling it," Pope said. 

Pope said she was home around 4:30 Monday afternoon when the storm blew through the area.

“Things that shouldn’t be flying by my window were flying by my window that was very scary, so I jumped up and by the time I jumped up my husband was yelling woah," Pope said. 

When it was safe, Pope went outside. 

“The neighbors pine tree snapped twisted and snapped across the street in our other neighbor's yard a tree fell on their car. I’ve never ever seen anything like this," Pope said. 

JEA estimates power will be back for people in the neighborhood around 4:00 a.m. Tuesday. 

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